We work on a percentage basis with no additional fees.  We pay for all of the supplies, staffing, advertising and set-up.  Some companies charge a ‘lowball’ percentage and then hit the client with extra fees or charges. We will always be honest and up-front with you, and charge no hidden fees.  Some companies expect you to pay extra for advertising, accepting credit cards, or set-up fees, on top of their percentage.  Be sure that you are not being surprised with hidden charges or additional fees.   

We set up every sale in the most eye-catching and professional manner possible. We use attractive table covers, aesthetically pleasing arrangements, professional pricing labels, and easy to read signage.  Our customers find our sales to be a pleasure to attend; always organized, easy and fun to shop. I have attended other sales with items piled haphazardly on tables, piled on the floor, and in some cases still left in boxes, cupboards and drawers. Some companies use masking tape for pricing, or even price merchandise by the box full. In addition, we can process wireless Visa/Mastercard transactions at our sales. There is no need for clients to provide a phone line at the property in order for us to accept credit card payments. Be sure your sale is set-up right, in a professional and attractive manner, and don't limit your customers with cash-only sales.

We don’t miss a thing! We thoroughly sort and organize the home so that nothing “slips by.”  We make sure the client is given any personal items that we find in the home, such as photographs, letters, currency, etc. We know you are worried about potential loss, and we want to ease your mind.  We also make sure that we research current prices for all valuable items. You want a company who can tell Tiffany from Teleflora! We are proud members of the Antiques & Collectibles National Association. Some companies miss personal items and may not recognize potentially valuable merchandise. Be sure that the company you choose will not discard your irreplaceable family memories during set-up, and that you will be receiving the best prices for your items.

We take dozens of beautiful photographs to advertise your sale.  Customers always tell us how much they enjoy receiving our emails and they rave about our pictures. We have had customers tell us they just can’t wait for the next update!  They appreciate how thoroughly we photograph and describe each sale. Because of this, we have customers travel from all over the city for our sales. Visit estatesales.net and view other sale advertisements. I've seen out of focus pictures, misspelling, pictures that make sale merchandise look like piles of junk, and sale descriptions woefully lacking in detail. And some companies don’t even use pictures in their sale advertisements!  Be sure that your sale will be attractively set-up, beautifully photographed, and thoroughly described in advertisements in order to entice customers.

We advertise in a variety of places: online on our website, on estatesales.net, via email to a large customer base, and in person with large professional signs. It is not enough to do the bare minimum of advertising. Some companies are still just using the newspaper for their advertising.  Be sure your sale will be seen by the maximum amount of customers.

We try to make every customer feel welcome and appreciated, like a member of the family. We have a lot of repeat customers, and many people tell us that they simply love coming to our sales. A pleasant shopping experience is important for customers. Be sure that your sale will benefit from repeat attendance and happy customers.

Our clients tell us that we make the sale process simple and stress-free, alleviating their worries. We are licensed and liability insured.

We make every attempt to sell all of the merchandise at a sale, and we also make sure you aren’t stuck with what is left over. If desired, we can arrange for a charitable donation when your sale is completed. If you choose this option, your property is emptied at the end of the sale so you don’t have to worry or work, and you receive a CD of images of unsold goods and a donation receipt for your records. Some companies simply pick-up and go at the end of the sale! Be sure that, if you desire an empty house, your estate sale company can and will arrange a pick-up at the end of the sale.

We will let you know how your sale performed at the end of each sale day and send out your sale payment within days of your sale ending. Usually a client will have a check in hand before the end of the following week. Each client receives a packet with their check and a comment card so that you can share with us your feelings regarding the sale. Some companies take weeks to complete payment to their clients. Be sure that your sale will be set-up right, handled professionally, advertised thoroughly, and that your payment will arrive quickly when your sale is complete.  Be sure to hire Arizona Family Estate Sales!